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This week (?)
Dec 6, 2012 // 0 comments
Hello~ Assalamu'alaikum~

Tonight, I'm back yo~ I just wanna share my 'experiences' in this week. Me, and my other friends is still doing some shootings for the video we'll show on our assembly next year (January) Althought it's next year, but you know.. doing some shooting-acting like that is not easy. well, for many artist yes but how about us? maybe yes, maybe no q(-,-)p

My acting part is on the Social Studies lesson focusly on the History. I do it with my friend, Sabilla. She's incharge in Geography. We haven't done my part yet because when we try to shoot it, my camera is lowbattery and it turn off quickly. I was like wth -.-)v becausae of that, we cancel it and try to shoot it on friday which is tomorrow~ wish me luck (/^w^)/

On hmm... Wednesday, December 4th, 2012. Our class have done presenting our drama for english~ woohoo! My group is about a girl that having a nightmare because of watching a horror movie close to her bedtime. So, my group is Sasha, Dhafin, Iyan, and Me. I wont tell you the story~ hehehe (/0\) Oh, me and my group had made some properties too! Sasha and me made a phone (iPhone) as Sasha's and Dhafin's phone. I made Dhafin's phone because Sasha already made her own phone. I made Dhafin's phone as a black iPhone, and Sasha made her own phone as a white iPhone 5. But she made a mitake because she put 84 gb on the back of her phone. Actually, it's 64 gb (the correct one). Hahaha~ also, Dhafin & Iyan made a TV, Movie player, etc. Sasha made a Horror movie DVD too~ here's the photo of the properties.


The black one-the screen.. I write 'SASHA' because the in the story, Dhafin is calling Sasha~ and also, today (December 6th, 2012) my class is having a dance club at 9.45 am - 12.20 pm. So, it's on the school time, starting from recess until go home! Oooo~


I only share 2 photos because.. uhmm.. nothing, just.. I just wanna share 2 photos only. You know what? Tomorrow (Friday, December 7th 2012) is the last week of school day! So,.. it's HOLIDAY! Man, It's 50 - 50. Because it will be fun and little bit boring, my school holiday is ONE MONTH! I'm NOT kidding, seriously. My school holiday is one month, and I still don't know where my family and I should go to fill this long holiday. Maybe Jakarta? or Mataram? or stay in Townsite (Sumbawa)? Mollaaa...

Again, I'm going to cry or whatever because.. I heard that EXO will held a Showcase in Indonesia in 2013, January. Asdfghjkl~ I was like.. WHY? JANUARY? I HAVE RETURN TO MY SCHOOL! \(T^T)/ There's no way I can go to that shhowcase. My parents will not allow me to go to that concert anyway =,=")V they will say "For what? What is the function if you go to that event?" aarghh.. I ever had that experience when I was a belieber. When JB come to Indonesia, I ask my parents to buy me and allow me to go to that concert, but they ignore me. Huh.. Okay, enugh.. -.-")~

Hmm.. today, my dad already take my report card and when I see my value for this first semester,.. I got A & B, and no C. Yeay~ (///w///) and you know what? My social teacher said that my score is lower than my score in year 6. He said that my score is between 35-65 or that kind of stuff. But when I checked my score.. HE'S LIE TO ME. He made me confuse why did I get that score (the lower score). But the real is.. my score is good :D

Okay, this is too much. Right? Bye~