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hello humans! bbh, khc, kth, skj, jjk, pjm, nwh ruin my life.
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Dec 1, 2012 // 0 comments

Hello and Assalamu'alaikum everybody~
You know what, U-KISS and BTOB have called me at Monday and last week. I have take the picture of it -_-" The picture is blur (?) I think. So, I take it again with screen capture~ You can download the software at Google Play or Application Store. The name of the application is Starcall! For the BTOB's call, I haven't take the picture of it! But, I really really waiting for B1A4's and EXO's call. When? Molla~

By The way, I've been request a fanfiction poster at Art Factory. The poster is AWESOME! I'll post the fanfiction and the poster later. Now, I'm waiting for MAMA AWARD 2012. It said that it'll be on Indosiar, December 1st at 22.00 WIB, so.. in here (in my place) it's 23.00 = 11 O'clock.