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Simple ㅋㅋㅋ~
Nov 29, 2012 // 0 comments
Hello everybody~ \(>,<)/
I'm back again, and again. I have gone or I can say it.. uhmm, I don't post some posts from Nov 21 until Nov 29 (now). Yeah, I'm tired~ heh (?)

I've change my skin into the new one, and it's very simple. Yeah I know. My skin is simple and I know it~ It's grey, white, and black. I don't know why recently my mind told me to change my skin blog into the new one and the simple one. But I want to make a cute pastel skin! and, like what I said.. my mind still telling me to make the simple one, and this is the result...

See? It's simple~ play Super Junior's song - Mr. Simple! So, it'll match with my skin ._.)v Sorry everybody, I think I'm weird now since my friends always telling 'that' jokes. Urrghh, that makes my stomach always hurt  because too much laughing #peace~ And you know? Well, actually.. I just want to tell you this. I've been working on something, and the something is a song that I'll play in piano for the next workshop. I still don't know when is the workshop will be but it's better I prepare it right? and the song I'll play at the next workshop is...

U-KISS - Take me away

That song is nice. I already know that song long time ago but when I check piano version it's quite easy~ *eaa* Hahaha.. until now, I can do the intro and the first reff part. Hmm.. also, my music teachers said that next year our class (my class) will have Ensemble workshop, I don't know the right spelling but- this workshop is for groups and NOT individual. My group is Sabilla, Uci, Nuuril, Nadya, Rina, and Me. We will sing a song from Younghwa CN Blue and the title is..

Banmal Song! But, we will sing it the Indonesian version. Our teachers are not allowed us to sing Korean, Japanese, etc. songs. So, we can sing Indonesian or English songs. Huhh,.. why? They said it's too complicated. Well, for me as a Kpoper.. NO! It's not complicated. How about you? Are you a Kpoper too?

Talking about Kpop, at English lesson.. My teacher showed us the longest name (I think is a name of a place) in the world (?) and the name include the word KPOP. I told it to my teacher, and my teacher just laugh. Suddenly, he saw the word beside KPOP. The word is NO. So, if we put it together.. it will be KPOP NO Isn't that funny? My friends laughing especially the boys. They agree about the word KPOP NO. Well, it's their perspective.. and I have to respect them right? For me, Kpop is just fine~

Okay, I think I'm too noisy for typing this post in front of my dad, so.. I guess.. Bye~