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hello humans! bbh, khc, kth, skj, jjk, pjm, nwh ruin my life.
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Happy Birthday Choi Minho
Dec 9, 2012 // 0 comments
Don't you know? Today is Minho's Birthday! Yay~ Now he's 21 years old (International age).

Minho Oppa, Happy Birthday~ Even you can't read this post but, that's okay. The important is I already give you a 'Birthday Message'. Well, when SM TOWN IN INDONESIA.. I can't go there because my parents don't allowed me and I have to go to school. Hmm, I think it's too much? Hehehe~ Ok, Wish you all the best and God bless you! Also, I hope SHINee will become more success. Fighting ^^)9

That's my birthday message to Minho Oppa. Well, why is it sound.. err.. little bit awkward? Oh yeah! While talking about birthday, yeasterday I have made 6 gif of Sehun's birthday~ Hmm.. what else to talk? Now it's my holiday! Woohoo! \(^0^)/ and my brother is not here with me, he went to Mataram. Yeay~ It's Victory! Victory is mine~ That's too much -____-)"/ Okay, Bye~