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hello humans! bbh, khc, kth, skj, jjk, pjm, nwh ruin my life.
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Almost done
Dec 9, 2012 // 0 comments


Okay, I've been working on a skin. It's a simple skin, grey, with green- yah whatever _ _)v Naah, you'll see it later. It haven't finished yet, but just wait for it. Now, it's 11 pm, and I think I'm sleepy now. Well, you know.. I find some (maybe 2) people using my skin code as their skin code (use as their basecodes). They're sucks man! They use it without my permission, or put a credit to me in their skin. They're really really sucks!! Why? I don't know why they did that to me. Even tough, I never do anything wrong with them, hmm.. I mean I don't even know them (only know them through the their blog/webs). Ah please.. Jinjjayo! It's already happened hmm, November when I submit my 3rd skin in my new account. No, I don't want to write their name here because I'm too kind -____-" *eaa* okay, that's too much. Also, one of them.. I can't find her account in blogskins. I think she have deleted her account or whatever. But the second one, she still have her account. First when I saw those action that those people did, I was like..

"Oh god, why?" that was I thinking at the first time. By the way, it's Donghae~ I made this from the I AM Indonesian teaser. Krystal + Minho + Taemin is so cute there! >,< But, Jonghyun & Krystal cry there ;__; why? Mollaaa.. ._.)/ Okay, it's already 11. 25 pm now..

Okay Bye~