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{ May - June }
Jun 1, 2013 // 2 comments
Gosh~ Namuu :3

Well, yeah~ I've gone for about a month or something ._.v Eum, there are many things happened in May, I think -.-b Firstly that made me even reaaaallyy excited is that B1A4 has made their comeback, "What's Happening?" on the 7th of May. Also, INFINITE has their Japanese comeback~ Man in love Japanese version :3 AIGOMONINAAAA >< They look so adorable there! Kyaa~~ I LOVE YOU WOOGYU OPPAA~ *Also MyungYeol as well :3 *duuh~

❝I just can't stop loving you. -Man in Love Japanese ver.

Oh, yeah.. EXO had made their comeback, yay~! ^^ It called "WOLF". Well, I've heard the song before SM release the song, it's kinda same but the instrument is different. It still have the "Geurae wolf, naega wolf~ Awuu~" lyric xD Lol, by the way~ I love them :3 I was like "BAEKHYUN OPPA! SEHUN OPPA! KYAA! OH GOD, HELL, YOU'RE SO HANDSOME! DAEBAK!" yeah, you know.. It's kinda fangirling stuff. But you know, I was so excited that I watched the MV in my class ._. So, at homeroom time in the morning my class will watch something on Youtube, then one of my friend who tried to find some video for us to watch, screamed at me like "Hey, Lila! EXO'S MV HAS RELEASED!" and I was like "Oh god.. PLAY IT!!!" then the IT board play the MV and I was like sitting on my desk and I tought "God, I'm so excited. Oh my god." When the video start to play, me and other girl friends was like "MY GOD!!! CHANYEOL OPPA!", "XIUMIN OPPAA!! MY BAOZI HAS CHANGED", and "BAEKHYUN OPPA!! WHY YOU SO PERFECT" something like that. While the boys was like, "What the hell?", "Shh~ It's too lame", and "God, please stop that!" ._____. But, I don't care~~ ^^ And in the middle and the ending of the video, they (the boys) well some of the boys said like "Wow" and gasping while watching. And all on my mind was like "I told you will say 'WOW'" xD LOL.

Idk why, but I watched all the comebacks (WOLF, Man in Love Japanese ver, and What's happening?) in my school .__. Yeah~ I've watched those videos on my school .-.v Kyahahaha xD And.. I'm still waiting for the WOLF drama ver. Altough Kai will kiss a girl on her cheek, and Luhan who always keep an eye for her. Eum.. maybe that's okay.. I just hope that Baekhyun Oppa will NEVER got that kind of roles (kissing a girl, dating her, hugging her, etc ._.)y It just breaking Baekhyun oppa's fans' heart </3 isn't it? ;)

Eum.. And did you noticed it already? IT'S 1 JUNE! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY~ *dance* Kyahaha xD Lol, just forget it .-.v