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[PS tutorial] Making header with water color brush.
Feb 10, 2013 // 6 comments
Hello~ ^^

well, this tutorial was asked/requested by someone :3 in this tuto, I'll only show how to make the header like the header in my skin: All for you. Now, let's start it ^^

Then, it will be a folder like this..

p/s: Click the image for larger image.

First: click the brush icon on the sidebar on the left there.

Second: ATTENTION! You already download the water color brush right? If you haven't, download it now ^^ Now, click the arrow above, then click arrow again, and then load brushes. I guess you don't understand it right? -_- Just look at the picture, ok?

Already understand it? Now, it will come out like this...

Click the folder of the watercolor brush and then click Load > The file.

Done? Now, see the brush bar. Scroll down, and you can find the brushes there ^^

Click the brush you want to use; Then paint it on the header: Just click once at the header; You can choose many colors for the brush, and change the brush again and again; It's up to you ^^

OH YEAH! If you want to make it transparent (the background), you can make it ^^ the step is so simple. Back at the first step, you see this right?

See that? In the Background Contents, it said it's White. If you want to make it transparent, click the arrow there and make it as Transparent.

DONE! ^^ Now, click File > Save As. And the format file is: JPEG or PNG (for the transparent header).

Ah, this is mine.. ^^

Got anything to ask? Have some difficulties? Ask me on the comment :3 Thanks~