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hello humans! bbh, khc, kth, skj, jjk, pjm, nwh ruin my life.
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Feb 8, 2013 // 0 comments

Yes, that's the name for my 3 ultimate bias. Baekhyun, Sehun, Gongchan. first, my friend was guessing who's BaekHunChan. And she said Baekhyun, Sehun, Chanyeol. xD kekeke~ I said it was wrong. The real is Baekhyun, Sehun, Gongchan. Hahahaha :3 Oh! IDK, but I love them -,-" yes.. I love them ._.v

I know they have maaaanyyyy fans around the world, and they recieved many love from them too ^^ are you a fangirl? I bet you have already feels what I feel everytime I see those 3 boys ._. hahahaha xD I was too insane if I see their handsome, cute, WOW photos and videos. OMG! It makes me feels like.. uhm.. you know? I called it.. "fangirls' feeling" what in the world I make + called that feeling? -.-" nah, that's okay xD here they are :3

They're adoreable? YES THEY ARE x3 hahahaha :D by the way, yesterday was Sehun's graduation. Congratulations! ^^

Hmm... what else to talk? Ah! I've been planned to make new blogskin. Yeah, I didn't make blogskins again for about 2 months, I think (?) But really.. I NEED INSPIRATION -,-" can give me some? no? thanks ._.v

Okay, I think it's enough. Bye~