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Waa~ so simple ;__;
Jan 26, 2013 // 0 comments

Okay, hello guys! Long time no see ;__; yes, now.. here you can see my blog is so so so simple. I know ;A; It looks so ordinary, right? Oh, the circle icon on the left (Image: Ulzzang) -- if you hover it, it will change into the navigation, disclaimer, and monthly archives.

It's white, and grey. Ah! If you travel around to the "FF & Art" area, you will find "Request (Coming Soon)". Yeah, it's coming soon -_- cause you know.. I'm still busy with my school. Very busy. Maybe later (I don't know when) exactly I will open the request session. Hmm.. I only open request for Fanfiction Cover (for now) and maybe, later-later I'll open request for header, wallpaper, etc. ^^

Naahh~ I think for the request.. I'll open it when I'm not busy, but I'll close it when I'm very very busy. And then, if I have many empty times-or not busy.. I'll open it back. Just like that, I think ;-; Wah, you know what? I think this month is very fast. This is January, and later (after February) it's March. And that is.. the month of my class field trip! Yeah~ I'll go to Malaysia -Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Hohoho~ Can't wait to visit two of that country! ^0^ But, really.. I wish, I could go to Seoul ;___;

Hmm.. what should we talk now? Let's see.. 

Oh my god, Shinyeong eonnie.. you look so beautiful :')
IDK, but I love to make poster and the main cast is Baekhyun Oppa + Shinyeong eonnie. Mollayo, I don't know why. I love it ^^ because it'll be a cute couple~ But actually, Shinyeong eonnie is older than Baekhyun oppa. Well, even tough she is old *ehh but look at her face, she still look like 18-21 years old girl. She's cute + beautiful. And.. she is one of my favorite ulzzang. Ah! Aniyo, she is my FIRST favorite ulzzang, followed by uhm.. Song Ah Ri or Do Hweji or IDK; ASDFGHJKL; I don't know -_-

Is this too much? ._.v Ngaahh~ Okay then, I think it's too much. I'll stop here. Bye~ ^^ Goodnight!