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hello humans! bbh, khc, kth, skj, jjk, pjm, nwh ruin my life.
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Comeback with Artworks~
Jan 8, 2013 // 2 comments
Hello everybody! \(^0^)/ how's your lilfe? hahaha :D Okay, like what I said.. I've been gone for about half month. Hmm.. I comeback with some PSDs and artworks. This is my FIRST TIME to make artworks like this. Want to see it? Here they are,..

So, what did you think? Interested to download those PSDs? Click the picture of the PSD you want to download. Ah, don't forget to comment if you download my PSD. I spent many hours to make that, please appriciate me ^^ Thanks~


I also learnt how to make fanfic posters and I did it! I know it's not good as the proffesionals, but.. at least I've tried :') Okay, here they are..

Hmm.. It's bad, isn't it? But really.. actually I really like "Special Person", "Thank you to come and change my life" and "Reasons". For the Thank you to come and change my life, I've made the cover right? but I made the new one (^0^)b hehehe~ for the "We're brothers or foe" is too.. uhm.. too many object there. Right? Kyahahahhh~~ (///0///)9 and for the poster "Reasons" it's too simple? Haahahh! Oh! I use some of texture from other web and some PSD from many eonnie at wordpress. Wakakkk :D by the way, THANKS EONNIE! <- to: Imelfbaby, and PieChie eonnie. Well, actually I download some PSD from another eonnies too, but I don't use them in my posters above. And for the "Special Person" poster, I use my own PSD (#2 PSD). Okay, any questions? No, yes? Just comment ^^ #plakk Okay, paii paii~ (/^u^)/