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hello humans! bbh, khc, kth, skj, jjk, pjm, nwh ruin my life.
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W E I R D • D U D E
Sep 16, 2012 // 0 comments

Dude, seriously i'm weird :P
gyahahah.. btw, annyeong :)
I'm gonna use english here. ok? its that ok? OK girl.. neoegeman yes man
Mwodeunji da haejulge.. OK girl ijebuteo nikkeoya, I love you *plakk why is it connect to B1A4's song? hahaha~ See, I told u so! I'm weird.. well, not really but little bit.

Hmm.. I think the meaning of PayPhone is..
Pay in Indonesia is Bayar or Membayar
Phone in Indonesia is Telefon
So, if connect it together.. it will be BAYAR TELEFON.

Hahahaha :D I'm just kidding dude! But, it still make sentence right? hehehe~
Oh, I have made many gif again.. but it's on my laptop. And right now, I use computer. Different right? My laptop is used by my evil brother ._." why did I call him evil? It's because he IS EVIL! Never wanna give up. As a brother, he have to gave up right? not me. Huhh -.-"

So, now we go to the next topic; World Park Day.
This event is started soon-today, @ 3pm. Not 2pm, but 3pm.
It's on Green House. You don't know that? Oh yea, it's only in Buin Batu, Sumbawa, NTB, Indonesia.
It said on the invitation, you can bring your teddy bear. Teddy bear can join you at the picnic! Huh, my teddy bear is at my house in Mataram. NO! I wanna bring my teddy; but I can't. T^T
But that's ok. My friends not bring their teddy. Yay! :D
There will be many food! yay! Play area! yay! And other! Yay!

Ok, gotta go. Bye~