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[PS Tutorial] How to make a smooth image
Feb 23, 2014 // 0 comments
Hello! I'm back guys~ long time no see=_= Well, now I'm back with a tutorial for you! No, not blog tutorial. But it's tutorial for photo editing. Yep, check it out~

what I mean 'smooth image' is this.
before, it was look like this.
See the difference? No? Nah, forget it, just check the tutorial haha(?)

1. Okay, the first thing you need to do is open your photoshop.
2. Then, open the image/photo that you want to edit it. I'm gonna use Minah's photo.
3. It'll look like this. Now click Ctrl+J on your keyboard. Do it for 2 times. It's for adding the same layer.

4. If you already done the third step, it will look like this. Now, click the second layer like in the picture. Then, click filter > sharpen > sharpen. 

5. Now, click the first layer like in the picture. Then, click filter > blur > blur. Do it many times, you can just click Ctrl+F for about 7 times.

6. Done? It'll look like this. It's blurry, right?

7. Now, click the first layer like in the picture. Then, adjust the Opacity and the Fill. (Look at the picture) I use 75% for the Opacity and 86% for the Fill.

For the adjusting thingy like the 2 pictures above, it's up to you! Just adjust it until it looks not so blurry. Just make it soft~ And you're done! 

Before, it looked like this.

Now, it looked like this.

Simple, isn't it? You can also add psd coloring if you want. I added psd & textures and it looks like this.

Got problem? Still don't understand? Ask me on the comment box! Thank you~