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hello humans! bbh, khc, kth, skj, jjk, pjm, nwh ruin my life.
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I'm back~
Oct 13, 2012 // 0 comments

Hey~ I'm back! (~T^T)~ I know you don't miss me! #dramatic
Ok, I changed my layout.. again. It's not made by me. But the bunny is cute \(^0^)/ gyahaha~
And, I change the colors, background, scrollbar, blockquote, links, etc. But its still look similar!

Oh, the song that played here is G.O's song. Yupp, that's right.. its even in my dreams. The song is good you know.. his voice is good too. And, Mir's rap is nice. I'm not a big fan of MBLAQ, but I just like the songs.

I'm very, very, very, happy! Why? because I'm gonna take a field trip to Singapore and Malaysia. It's a school activity. #belagaksombongsejenak gyahaha :D Sorry~ I just, gyaahhh very happy! Thanks for my parents, teachers, etc. Hmm.. but.. I feel so sad too.. becausee.. later, I'll tell you. Now, gotta go! Bye~